Photography literally means "drawing with light." letterten photo truly does that but unlike many photographers, we do it with storytelling in mind. Jay Rubin is the principal of letterten photo and has been shooting since high school. It was a hobby right up until film was being replaced by digital. A single photograph years ago began his transition from hobbyist to professional.

Even a single image letterten photo takes tells a story. There really are more than a thousand words in a photograph. In additional to being a photographer, Jay Rubin knows his way around words and stories because he's also a writer...and a natural-born storyteller. He's always shooting with the story in mind, regardless if it's a beautiful bridal image, the landscape of a misty waterfront or an artist singing her heart out on stage.

letterten photo also offers photo cleanup and restoration. We've been doing this nearly as long as Photoshop has been available. From simple edits such as removing moles, haze or an ill-placed elbow to complex ones such as making a 50-year-old print that has been ravaged by time appear like no time has passed at all, we can handle it.

We don't post rates, because every project is different. Some require serious setups with little post-production work. Others are the opposite. Photo restoration is the same way. We'll work with you on any size project.

(In case you were wondering, the image "that started it all" is within the Concerts genre and is very purple. It was shot on a Sony Mavica; a camera that used floppy disks as its storage medium and took a 0.76 megapixel images.)

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